At the Law Offices of Keith G. Allen, PLLC we believe that the serious ramifications inherent in criminal defense require absolute focus. When your freedom, future, and the well-being of your family hang in the balance, it’s important to know that the attorney at your side has a thorough understanding of the law and how to make it work for you. We are dedicated to personalized service. Facing criminal charges can be a frightening prospect. We can give you the clarity needed to understand your options and make sound choices.

At the Law Offices of Keith G. Allen, PLLC we cover all aspects of Texas State Criminal Law including, but not limited to:

We also represent those caught up in the Juvenile Justice System, including:

  • Detention hearings
  • All Felony & Misdemeanor cases
  • Petitions alleging delinquent conduct
  • Adjudication hearings
  • Disposition hearings
  • Motions to Modify

If you or someone that you  care about is facing criminal charges, the foreseen & unforeseen consequences can be severe. We will protect your rights. Don’t face the Criminal Justice System alone. Call Keith G. Allen at (832) 230-0075 or fill out the contact form to the right for a prompt reply.

Know Your Rights!

Especially in cases involving criminal charges, it is critical that you talk with us immediately. Never give a statement to authorities without an attorney present, regardless of innocence! You can identify yourself, but any statement beyond that can incriminate you and threaten your rights. Request legal counsel immediately and refuse to make a statement without an attorney by your side. An experienced attorney will ensure that you understand any charges against you and have a clear understanding of how to protect yourself going forward. Many legal proceedings include filing deadlines, as well. By speaking with us as early as possible, we can begin work now towards a successful outcome.

To speak with a proven defense lawyer in Texas, call the Law Offices of Keith G. Allen, PLLC at (832) 230-0075 or fill out the contact form to the right.