Certified in Criminal Defense

Having a lawyer who is Board Certified in Criminal Law can help take the fear out of going to court, make sure your side of the story is heard, see that you are treated fairly, protect your rights and protect your freedom. Lawyers are like doctors. It is nice to have a doctor that is a general practitioner, but if you need surgery, you go to a surgeon. The law is no different. When faced with a criminal problem, you want an attorney who is Board Certified in Criminal Law. Call certfied criminal defense attorney Keith G. Allen at (832) 230-0075.

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you are facing a criminal charge in Texas, choosing an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights and freedom could be the most important decision of your life. Don’t take chances with your future. It is critical to work with a proven criminal attorney who will protect you. Call (832) 230-0075 now for a free initial consultation.

Specialized Experience

I have handled thousands of criminal cases and have experience in all felony and misdemeanor charges including juvenile defense, drug charges, gun charges and weapons-related crimes, domestic violence charges, sex crimes, DWI cases, probation matters, bond reductions, manslaughter, murder, assault, theft, forgery, conspiracy, solicitation and organized crime. I am Board Certified in Criminal Law and specialize in defending those who have been accused of a crime. I will protect your rights and fight for you.

Keith G. Allen, Attorney