Clute, Texas

Clute is a city in Brazoria County, Texas with, as of the 2010 census, a population just over 11,000. Located in Southeast Texas, Clute experienced marginal fame after a fossilized mammoth named Asiel was discovered. A restaurant/museum was even constructed to pay homage to the mammoth.

Clute was more or less established with land purchased by Alexander Calvit. After the conclusion of the Civil War, John Clute founded the eponymous town, adopting its official name in 1881. As recently as 1933, Clute was home to only two businesses and less than a dozen residents. After Dow Chemical made its presence known in the ’40s and ’50s, Clute’s economy began to take off.

A 38,000 year-old mammoth was discovered in 2003 by an employee of Vernor Material & Equipment Co. Its tusks were found near Brazoswood High School and are believed to be the remains of the first mammoth discovered along the Gulf Coast.

Educationally, Clute is home to Brazoswood High School, Clute Intermediate School, Madge Griffith Elementary School, T.W. Ogg Elementary School and the Lighthouse Learning Center. Clute also boasts Brazosport College.

The Clute City Municipal Courthouse is located at 108 Hargett Street in Clute, Texas, 77531.