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If you are a Pearland & Brazoria County clients seeking to obtain orders of nondisclosure, let our skilled criminal defense attorney help you to obtain those orders on your behalf.

Having a criminal record can haunt you well after you’ve served your time and moved on. It can significantly limit your options for employment and housing, and your reputation within the community suffers. However, as of 2017, more individuals with criminal histories are able to obtain Orders of Nondisclosure, which affords you the freedom to keep these convictions more private. If you have a criminal record that you wish to keep in the past where it belongs, the Law Offices of Keith G. Allen, PLLC can help you pursue and obtain an Order of Nondisclosure.

How Nondisclosure Orders Work

The first step in dealing with a criminal record is to seek an expungement. However, this is not a realistic option for many people, so another option is to seek an Order of Nondisclosure. This is a court order that prevents public entities, such as courts or law enforcement agencies, from sharing or disclosing some the criminal records in question. Once a Nondisclosure Order is put in place, you are free to avoid disclosing information about that particular offense when applying for a job or for housing.

Seeking a Nondisclosure Order

As of September 1, 2017, the rules for obtaining an Order of Nondisclosure now apply to all eligible cases, no matter how long ago the offense took place. Of course, depending on the nature of the offense and certain other restrictions, there are exceptions. If you are interested in pursuing a Nondisclosure Order, you should meet with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you understand the process and to determine whether your case is eligible. Certain offenses, due to their nature, are not eligible for Orders of Nondisclosure, so it’s important to talk with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney for their guidance. If you and your attorney determine that your offense fulfills the requirements, you can proceed with the request process. Typically, you will gather documentation and petition the court to have your Nondisclosure Order put in place. Once it’s been formally approved, you can expect that the criminal record will be sealed, and you can finally move on with your life.

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The Law Offices of Keith G. Allen, PLLC understands how difficult it can be to have one mistake haunt you for years, even decades, after it happened. We are committed to helping our clients move on with their lives and into brighter futures. If you want to learn more about whether you are eligible to pursue a Nondisclosure Order in Texas that can seal your criminal record, contact our office today.

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