I have only been charged with a misdemeanor, do I really need an attorney?

Yes. Going to court alone is like pulling your own teeth. You can do it, but we don’t recommend it. There can be many pitfalls and unintended consequences from trying to represent yourself.

Can I lose my driver’s license for simply refusing or failing a breath or blood test?

Yes. If you have been stopped for Driving While Intoxicated and you refuse to provide a sample of your breath or blood, you only have 15 days to request a hearing or your license will be automatically suspended for simply refusing the test. It can also be suspended if you are convicted of Driving While Intoxicated. Therefore, it is important to consult with an attorney immediately after being arrested.

Can I lose my driver’s license if I am convicted of Possession of Marijuana?

Yes. A person’s driver’s license will be suspended for 180 days if they are convicted of Possession of Marijuana or any drug offense.

If I have a prior conviction, is it true that it automatically falls off my record after a certain period of time?

No, that is not true.

How can I have my record cleaned?

You need to contact an attorney to determine if you qualify for an expunction, a non-disclosure, or a sealing order.

What is the difference between an expunction, a non-disclosure, and a sealing order?

If you were arrested as an adult, an expunction is a court order to destroy the records of your prior arrest. A non-disclosure is a court order after successful completion of a deferred probation preventing disclosure of your records to the public. In certain juvenile cases, you may also be entitled to have your records sealed.

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