3 Unexpected Consequences of an Assault Conviction in Texas 3 Unexpected Consequences of an Assault Conviction in Texas

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3 Unexpected Consequences of an Assault Conviction in Texas

If you are charged with assault or domestic violence in Texas, your immediate concern is whether you’ll have to spend time in jail, pay costly fines, or both. However, having an assault conviction on your criminal record can lead to several other negative consequences, even after you’ve served the terms of your sentence. Let’s take a look at three additional ways that an assault or domestic violence conviction may affect the course of your future.

1. The Loss of Your Job or Professional License

Unfortunately, many people who are convicted of assault or domestic violence face barriers to employment. If you must serve a jail sentence, you may lose your job during this time. Once you’re released, you may find it difficult to find employment, as your criminal record will likely limit your options. Additionally, those who previously worked in the education or medical fields may face suspension or loss of their professional license because of the conviction. While state licensing boards ultimately decide whether to revoke a person’s license, criminal convictions are often grounds for such an action.

2. You May Lose Custody or Visitation Rights

Those who are convicted of assault against a family member will likely see their parenting rights significantly impacted. If you don’t have custody of your children, your visitation rights may be revoked because of the conviction. Even assaultive offenses that do not involve family members may prompt the other parent or the court to determine that you still pose a threat to your childrens’ safety, which could result in the loss of your parental rights. If you believe that the other parent is trying to use your assault conviction to unfairly deprive you of your custody or visitation rights, contact an attorney right away to ensure that you can push back against these unfounded allegations.

3. You Forfeit Your Gun Rights

Under federal law, those who are convicted of domestic violence or family violence are permanently banned from purchasing, owning, or possessing any firearm. Additionally, if a firearm is found to be in your possession and you have been convicted of one of these offenses, you could face further criminal penalties. While some assaultive offenses may result in a temporary ban on owning or possessing firearms, you can expect that a criminal conviction will limit your gun rights significantly.


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