Texas Expunction Attorney

Whether you were wrongly accused or have a stain on your record from a mistake made in your youth, it may be possible to have your records sealed or destroyed, providing you with the clean slate you deserve. Keith G. Allen is an experienced expunction attorney that can help you file for expunction of a misdemeanor or felony.

Expunction Lawyer Serving Pearland and the State of Texas

An arrest on your record can have long term repercussions on both your personal and professional life. Even in the case of total innocence, dismissal or not guilty verdicts, the mark left may impair your education opportunities and future employment. It is critical that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to clear your record. Even if your case was dismissed, your arrest record will stick around forever unless we work to have it removed.

Start Over With a Clean Slate

There may be a waiting period before a petition can be filed for expungement. If you know that you have a criminal record and would like to learn more about clearing your record, please call or fill out the contact form for a prompt reply. Together we can work to give you a fresh start.

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