Domestic Violence and Assault Crimes on the Rise in Texas Domestic Violence and Assault Crimes on the Rise in Texas

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Domestic Violence and Assault Crimes on the Rise in Texas

Major cities across the U.S. have reported an uptick in violent crime over the last year. According to a recent report, the homicide rate rose in 29 of the 34 cities that participated in the study, with New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago accounting for 40 percent of the additional homicide victims within the last year. Houston officials are examining the 42 percent increase in violent crimes the city experienced in 2020 and trying to understand what factors contributed to this significant rise. Let’s take a look at what the data shows, what factors may have impacted the rise in violent crime, and how this information may affect Houston-area residents facing criminal charges.

Incidents of Aggravated Assault Rose in Houston During 2020

Like other major cities across the country, Houston saw a rise in the number of homicides and aggravated assaults in 2020. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of homicides in the Houston area rose from 281 to 400, while the number of aggravated assaults rose from 14,759 to 19,356. However, the number of overall crimes dipped slightly, as burglaries, robbery, and theft decreased. While the number of simple assault crimes decreased between 2019 and 2020, the total remained high. Additionally, reports of domestic violence rose in 2020, especially during the spring of 2020.

Possible Factors Driving the Uptick in Violent Crime

Houston officials are joining other leaders across the country to explore the reasons behind this recent increase in violent crime. Many point to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the psychological and social stressors associated with this uncertain period. Some leaders believe that economic stress also contributed to this rise in violent crime, but others point to former periods of recession that did not experience this same rise in crime. Mental health may also play a role in this upward trend.

Steps to Take When Charged With an Assaultive Offense in Texas

In response to the rising crime rate, the Houston police department has increased its presence by adding more shifts and deploying more officers to so-called “crime hot spots” throughout the area. As soon as you’ve been arrested or charged with domestic violence or an assaultive offense, remember that it’s always in your best interest to remain silent until you’ve had the opportunity to contact an attorney. Together, you and your lawyer will assess the specifics of your situation to determine the best course of action.


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