First Steps to Take After Being Charged With Theft in Texas First Steps to Take After Being Charged With Theft in Texas

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First Steps to Take After Being Charged With Theft in Texas

The hours and days following an arrest can be disorienting and confusing. If law enforcement has arrested you for theft in the South Houston or Pearland area, knowing what steps you can take to defend your rights and protect your future can help you feel less overwhelmed during this challenging time. Here are some key steps to take as soon as you learn you may be facing theft charges in Texas.

Stay Silent to Avoid Incriminating Yourself

When law enforcement places you under arrest, the most important thing you can do is exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Even if you know the charges against you are unfounded, resist the urge to explain yourself and talk your way out of the arrest. Remember that the police and the prosecution can use any statements you make to build a case against you, so it’s best to silently cooperate and trust that you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your legal strategy with a criminal defense attorney soon.

Contact a Trusted Pearland Criminal Defense Lawyer

As soon as you can, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss your situation. Your attorney can assess the specifics of your case and help you understand what to expect in the coming days and weeks. For many people facing theft charges, knowing that you have someone in your corner to advocate on your behalf can relieve some of the stress and uncertainty of this difficult situation. Your attorney will walk you through each phase of the criminal justice process, from the arraignment to the trial to the appeals process.

Prepare for the Arraignment

After the arrest, you can expect to appear at an arraignment hearing where the judge will inform you of the charges that have been filed against you. The judge will also remind you of your constitutional rights, such as your right to an attorney, your right to remain silent, and more. If possible, try to hire an attorney before the arraignment, as they can advise you on how to prepare for this hearing and what to expect as it unfolds. After the arraignment, your lawyer will work with you to prepare a solid defensive strategy that strives to secure you a favorable outcome.


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