How Drug Trafficking is Defined in Texas How Drug Trafficking is Defined in Texas

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How Drug Trafficking is Defined in Texas

Both state and federal laws take drug offenses seriously. Due to its proximity to Mexico, Texas drug trafficking crimes carry hefty penalties designed to crack down on the international drug trade. However, even an individual accused of drug possession can also face drug trafficking charges. If you or a loved one is currently facing drug trafficking charges in the Houston area, contact a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure your rights remain protected.

How Texas Law Defines Drug Trafficking

Essentially, there are three main actions that could qualify as drug trafficking in Texas. The transportation, distribution, or possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute them may result in criminal charges. This means that even if law enforcement arrests you for having a certain amount of a controlled substance in your possession, prosecutors may bring drug trafficking charges against you by claiming that you intended to transport or distribute them. They will try to use circumstantial evidence, such as the presence of plastic baggies or a scale, to indicate that you were planning to divide up and distribute the illegal drug.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Texas

The Texas Controlled Substances Act defines different penalty groups for classifying controlled substances. For instance, Penalty Group 1 includes substances like opiates and cocaine, while Penalty Group 4 includes commonly prescribed compounds that include narcotics. Larger quantities of a substance from a more serious penalty group usually lead to more severe criminal penalties. Lesser offenses may carry a prison sentence of up to two years in state jail and up to $10,000 in fines, while a more serious offense could lead to imprisonment of up to 99 years or life. In some cases, you could also face a federal drug trafficking charge.

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A drug trafficking conviction can derail your life and negatively impact your future. As soon as law enforcement arrests you, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss your situation. Exercise your right to remain silent until you’ve had the chance to strategize with your attorney. Your lawyer will assess the specifics of your case and determine the best course of action to defend your future and your freedom.


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