How Texas Drug Charges Can Negatively Impact Your Life How Texas Drug Charges Can Negatively Impact Your Life

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How Texas Drug Charges Can Negatively Impact Your Life

Facing drug charges in Texas can be overwhelming. Suddenly, your freedom, reputation, and your future fall into question as you navigate the criminal justice system. Besides costly fines and potential jail time, a drug conviction can negatively affect your life in several ways. Here are just some of the collateral consequences of drug convictions in Houston and throughout Texas.

Criminal Consequences of Texas Drug Crimes

Texas takes drug crimes seriously, imposing hefty fines and substantial jail sentences on those convicted of such offenses. Your punishment will depend on several factors, such as whether this is your first offense, the type and quantity of drug you had in your possession, whether you intended to sell the substance, or whether you conducted a sale near a school or to a minor. While felony drug charges carry severe penalties, such as several decades in prison and up to $10,000 in fines, misdemeanor drug convictions may lead to up to one year in jail and up to $4,000 in fines.

Additional Impacts of a Drug Conviction

Even after you’ve served the terms of your sentence, the drug conviction can continue to negatively impact your life in multiple ways. Having a criminal record may limit your ability to find employment, obtain or maintain a professional license, or find housing in your desired area. If you’re a parent, the drug conviction may interfere with or limit child custody or visitation rights.

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While it may seem tempting to try to argue your way out of a Texas drug charge, failing to secure quality legal representation leaves your freedom and your future vulnerable. Working with a trusted criminal defense attorney is the best way to ensure your rights are protected at every step of the criminal justice process. Together, you and your lawyer will determine the most strategic path forward, given the specifics of your case. Don’t delay any longer—contact an experienced drug crimes attorney today to start defending and protecting your future.


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