Drug trafficking charges are taken very seriously in the state of Texas and can lead to severe penalties and fines. If you find that you are facing drug trafficking charges, you will want to understand what these charges mean and how they can impact your life. The first step you should take is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your case.

Drug trafficking charges in Texas are pretty complex, and an attorney can represent you and help you navigate this process. At The Law Offices of Keith G. Allen, PLLC, our attorneys are committed to providing our clients with experienced legal representation to ensure their rights are upheld.

Understanding Texas Drug Trafficking Laws

In the state of Texas, drug trafficking is a violation of the Texas Controlled Substances Act. The term drug trafficking means to distribute or deliver illicit drugs.

In order to face drug trafficking charges in Texas, a person has to be caught in the act of knowingly delivering or distributing marijuana, illicit drugs, or controlled substances. Here are some examples of common substances that fall into the category of illicit or controlled substances:

Texas Drug Categories

Like most other states, Texas has different classifications or penalty groups that drugs can fall into. This is important because penalty groups will dictate the type of repercussions you could face for drug trafficking charges. Here are the penalty groups you will need to know about:

Drug Trafficking Penalties 

Drug trafficking charges in Texas are entirely dependent on the group the drugs fall into, which is why drug trafficking charges can feel quite confusing. Here is a breakdown of drug trafficking penalties.

Group 1

Group 1-A

Group 2

Group 3 and 4

Potential Defenses

Wondering how to get a drug trafficking charge dismissed? The first thing you need to do is hire a dependable criminal defense attorney who can represent your case. There are several defense strategies they could use, including an illegal search and seizure defense.

Your attorney could argue that law enforcement did not uphold your rights during the investigation or illegally searched you for drugs. They could also use the defense that you were not aware that you were in possession of the drugs or that you did not realize they were drugs.

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Depending on the type of drug trafficking charges you are facing, the penalties can be life-altering. Because of this, you need to understand what these charges mean and how to beat a drug trafficking charge with the help of a qualified attorney.

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