What You Need to Know About Sexual Assault Charges in Texas What You Need to Know About Sexual Assault Charges in Texas

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What You Need to Know About Sexual Assault Charges in Texas

Being accused of sexual assault can be frightening, as your future, your freedom, and your reputation are suddenly in jeopardy. In Texas, assaultive offenses carry significant penalties, including possible jail time, costly fines, and other obstacles to your freedom. If you are facing a sexual assault charge, you need immediate legal representation to ensure your rights are protected. Below is some basic information about such charges and what steps you should take to safeguard your future.

Defining Sexual Assault

The Texas penal code defines sexual assault as any unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact against another person. Sexual assault cases rely on the issue of consent, and determining whether the alleged perpetrator “intentionally or knowingly” committed the act without the consent of the alleged victim. Prosecutors may try to establish that you knowingly acted without the other person’s consent by using violence, threats, and other acts of intimidation. These cases are notoriously complex, as they often hinge on the word of one person against the other. 

Weighty Consequences

In many cases, sexual assault charges are considered felony offenses. This means that they carry significant penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, expensive fines, and severe restrictions on your housing and employment options once you’ve served your sentence. Sadly, even if these charges are dropped, your reputation may still suffer because your name has been associated with such a serious crime. Taking swift action as soon as you are facing charges is key to protecting your rights and your future.

Taking Action

As soon as you’ve been accused of an assaultive offense, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. Your lawyer will listen carefully to your side of the story and create an effective legal strategy that aims to secure you the best possible outcome given the specifics of your case. There are a number of tactics and tools your attorney can use to combat these charges, so reach out right away to get started.

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